Officers And Board Of Directors

North Texas Society Of Radiation Therapists Officers

Each Board/Officer is an active member of the NTSRT and ARRT board certified RTT.

President: Marie L.A. Racine, MSRS, R.T.(R)(T)

Marie Racine PresidentMarie has 5 decades of radiologic science experience, primarily in radiation therapy. She was an educator for 35 years. She started the first accredited radiation therapy program in Texas. Marie has been involved at the national, regional and local professional associations: ASRT, AAMD, AEIRS, TSRT, FWSRT and NTSRT.  Marie was a co-founder of NTSRT in 1981. She served as Board Chairman from 1981-89 and on various committees, including the By-Laws Committee Chairperson from 1988-93. In July 2009, she received the NTSRT Life-Time Membership Award.


Vice-President: Christina (Christy) L. Wagner, BSRT (T), RT (T), CMD

Christy is board certified both as a Radiation Therapist and Medical Dosimetrist.  She received her Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology –Radiation Therapy degree, from the University of Oklahoma. She has been involved in several state radiologic professional societies including those of Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas, and is a current member of the ASRT and AAMD.  Christy actively volunteers for non-profits and has held many board positions. She has been a member of the NTSRT since 1996 and was appointed in 2016 to fill the Vice President vacancy and elected as Vice President for 2017.


Treasurer: Nan Gomes, BSRS, R.T. (R)(T), CMD

nan-lightenedNan was registered in Radiography in 1979, Radiation Therapy in 1986 and Medical Dosimetry in 1995.  Nan has served in different Radiology and Radiation Oncology clinical and management positions for 28 years.  Nan has been a member of the NTSRT since 1989. She was elected Treasurer in 2013. She also is a member of ASRT and AAMD.




Secretary: Kelsey Jennifer Rocha (Perez), AAS, R.T.(T) (ARRT)

 Kelsey started her career as a registered Radiation Therapist in 2014. She has been involved as a volunteer and Web Coordinator for the North Texas Society since 2015. Kelsey was elected to office as a Secretary in 2017. She hopes to help bring initiative ideas to better the society and bring together the professionals of this field.



Board Members

Matthew (Matt) Helmick, R.T. (T)

Matt Helmick Board Member

Matt began his career in Radiation Therapy in 1990.  He assisted the Radiation Oncologist in surgery and assisted Physics in loading and unloading Brachytherapy sources.  Matt enjoyed caring for Radiation Oncology patients and became a Radiation Therapist in 2001 to care for patients at The Arlington Cancer Center. From 2005-2012 Matt served as the VP, then as President of NTSRT. He is one of the Board of Directors because he loves to help educate peers.



Larissa Contreras, BSN, RN, R.T. (T)

Larissa graduated from El Paso Community College in 1989 as a Radiation Therapist with an Associate Of Applied Science in Radiation Therapy. In 1993,  she started working at Edwards Cancer Center in Bedford and has been a locum therapist since 1998. She has been a member and leader of the NTSRT for 22 years, serving as Treasurer and President, earning the Life-Time Member Award for her dedication and service in 2005. Currently she is serving as a Board Member.